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High speed polishing by an EXPERT will always OUTSHINE, OUTPROTECT and OUTLAST any and all products applied by hand. Machine polishing with the proper products and know-how removes surface impurities, preparing the vehicle for final waxing or sealing. This process will last up to 6 months! Hand waxing may only last a couple of rainfalls!

Specializing in high speed rejuvenation of cloudy lenses and plastic windows, on foreign and domestic cars. Our innovative process lets you show off your car with pride. Call for a free estimate.

Many Advanced Auto Polishing clients are owners of antiques and vintage vehicles which continue to retain their new car brilliance, making resale easy and profitable. Give your investment invisible garage® protection.

Advanced Auto Polishing emphasizes discipline and experience with every detail and provides the customer with the knowledge to maintain the vehicle between processes.

If your car is not looking like it should, lose that dull, drab unprotected paint job


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Ben Leone, a thirty-year veteran of
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before polishingDull paint before polishing

after polishingGreat shine after polishing

Caution! Unless you are a skilled technician, refrain from using high-speed polishers as you can damage the finish or burn edges. Compounding, which is part of the auto polishing procedure, could result in paint damage and fading, especially on reds and grays. Professional polishing prolongs the finish of your car.
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Ben Leone is a detailer with 35 years experience.

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